Ohtsubo Kosen's Flower Planet
Studio of Ikebana and Various Flower Arts
represented by Kosen Ohtsubo

Album Ikebana, monument, stage decoration, etc.
Web Exhibit Series of flower works by flower artists
Studio Introduction of Flower Planet's studio
Miscellaneous Eessays, event information, etc.
Essay "Mandala World of India and Nepal" is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese
Photos by Koichi Taniguchi

2008/11/23 Added pictures to the Studio page.
2005/06/07 Added pictures of the event at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
2005/02/22 Added information about the event at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
2004/11/21 Linked to "Meihou's Ikebana Kuukan" and "Ikebana Network". Please see the Link page.
2004/11/13 Added Web Exhibit #3 "Making of Nippon Madams". A sketch and models are displayed with the finished work "Nippon Madams".
2004/11/12 Added pictures of Ryusei Exhibition, Tsuyama Art Festival, and other exhibits to Album.
2004/10/05 Moved to "www.e-flowerplanet.com".
2004/09/29 Added 76 pictures to Album and Web Exhibition. Updated Biography.
2004/07/18 Released the English site.

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