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born in Ashio, Tochigi
1960 became a disciple of Kasen Yoshimura, head master of Ryusei-ha School
1965 received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Tokyo Denki University
1975 traveled to India
- Headmaster's Advisory Instructor of Ryusei-ha,
creates and teaches Ikebana and other art works
Exhibition and demonstration in Japan
1970-75 "Group Ado Exhibition" - Ryusei Kaikan at Ichigaya, Tokyo
1970-79 "Kodo Art Exhibition" - Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
1973 "Ikebana Independant Exhibition"(planned and exhibited) - Toshima-en, Tokyo
1974-77 "Eight Ikebana Artists Exhibition" - Matsuya Department Store at Ginza, Tokyo
1977- "Ikebana Open Competition" - Sangyo Kaikan at Asakusa, Tokyo
1979- "Ikebana Caravan" - various places
1979 "Summer Time Festival in Tokoname" - Tokoname, Aichi
1982-85 Solo exhibitions - Gallery Te, Runami Gallery, Maki Gallery, and other galleries in Tokyo
1985-88 "Ikebana Today" - Seibu Department Store at Ikebukuro, Tokyo
1985 "Hara Annual" - Hara Museum at Shinagawa, Tokyo
1992 "Sensuous Action on Plant" (with Yasuhiro Takeda)
- Gallery Alpha M
1993 "Runami Selection '86" - Runami Gallery at Ginza, Tokyo
1993 "Flower Performance" - Showa Kinen Park at Tachikawa, Tokyo
1997 "Ikebana as an Expression" - Nagoya Citizen Gallery
1999 "Impulsive Solo Exhibition - My Funeralx - Buttu Trick Bar at Shibuya, Tokyo
2000 "Quest in the GREEN 2000" - QUEST at Omotesando, Tokyo
2001 "Ikebana Today New Wave" - Shintoshi Hall at Yokohama
2002 "Group F Exhibition" - Sunny Hall at Nippori, Tokyo
2002 "Ikebana International Convention" - Roppongi, Tokyo
2005 Entrance Hall Exhibition - Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Exhibition and Demonstration in other countries
1970 Varanashi, India
1982 Hong Kong
1983 Valencia, Spain
1985 Solo exhibition - Nordyland Contemporary Art Museum at Aalborg, Denmark
1989 Solo exhibition - Mobach Gallery at Utrecht, Holland
1992 New Orleans, USA
1994 "Ikebana International Convention" - Hong Kong
1995 "Ikebana International Convention" - London, England
1997 "Organic Matters"(solo exhibition) - Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum at Minneapolis, USA
1999 Portland, USA
Ewa Women's University in Seoul, Korea
2000 Organized "Ryusei Outfield Ikebana Exhibition" - Mendocino, USA
2001 Florida, USA
2003 "Japanese Contemporary Ikebana" - Wave Hill in New York, USAWave Hill
2004 Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan
Lecture and other activity
1989 Tokyo Zokei Art University
1992 Musashino Art University
1995 Nagoya Zokei Art University
1996 Forum chair person of "Ikebana International Convention" - Kyoto
1997 University of Minnesota in USA
1999 Ewa Women's University in Seoul, Korea
1981 "Plant&Man" (self-selected works)
1989 "Contemporary Ikebana I" (co-authored) Fujin Gahou Sha
1995 "Modern Flower Artist4 Kosen Ohtsubo" Kyoto Shoin
2001 "Ikebana Shinseiki No.3"(special issue) Seibundo Shinko Sha